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دبي خور رأس
التعاونية التعاون، الطابق الأول، مكتب29 042725032


منطقة عجمان الحرة، الإمارات العربية المتحدة

About Us

Who We Are

SHAMCO INTERNATIONAL is a leading Tax Agency (TAN30000608) & Tax Agent (TAAN20042107) by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), UAE.

We achieved “Best in Customer Satisfaction”, where our parameters of success is measured by the value of service we provide to our clients entire UAE. Our team of astute and capable Tax Consultants and Accountants aims to help our clients to manage their risks and increase the efficiency of their operations.

We are a group of knowledgeable and qualified accountants & Tax consultants in UAE excels in offering comprehensive Tax consultancy as well as Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing and Software services. We have cordial affirmation with the officials in the ministry that allows us to be up-to-date with the taxation laws and regulations in the UAE. We offer professional guidance that leverages the better Tax and Financial management of your company. We aim at creating outstanding client service lead with a commitment to quality and consistency across our regional network, bringing a passion for client success and a purpose to serve and improve the communities in which member firms operate.

We believe, Credibility is Crucial…

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